Community-driven since 1923.

Our History

In 1923, Chas. Cannatella Sons opened in Melville, Louisiana. The store was originally founded by Charles Cannatella and his father, Joe. Charles and his wife, Mathilda, raised ten children in the home that they built next door to the store. In our family cookbook, their daughter, Jennie Cannatella, said, "We have always lived near the store. For us, it played a vital part in our lives. The store seemed to have a spirit of its own. Papa was always there, along with Grandpa, who played with us and taught us how to play the slot machines. During dangerous hurricanes, Papa would open the store, even through the night, to those who sought protection from the storm. He handed out bread and salami for sandwiches, ensuring no one went hungry. In the early days, customers didn't even walk behind the counter, they would indicate the

items they wanted and we got them. Customers even called in orders occasionally."  

Over the years, the store has seen several expansions and today it is managed

by brothers Brian and Grant Cannatella, the fourth generation to own Cannatella Grocery.

Time changes many things, but the one thing that never changes is
our love of family and our commitment to community.

Charles Cannatella and his son, Joe, in the early days

Our Melville location

Pete Cannatella, our third generation store owner

Pete Cannatella and his sons, Brian and Grant, in front of the original store, known to everyone as, "The Old Store"